The Atom Ant Show

The Atom Ant Show was one of many 30 minute cartoon programs produced by Hanna-Barbera
Productions, that were comprised of three cartoon shorts. The Atom Ant show featured Atom Ant,
Precious Pup and The Hillbilly Bears. It made it's official debut on NBC's Saturday morning line-up
in October of 1965 teamed up with another production from Hanna-Barbera, The Secret Squirrel
Show and ran through 1968.

*          Don Messic as the voice of Atom Ant
*          Janet Waldo as the voice of Granny Sweet
*          Directed by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna

Season One

Up And Atom
Crankenshaft's Monster
Gem A Go-Go
Ferocious Flea
Rambling Robot
Nobody's Fool
Atom Ant Meets Karate Ant
Fastest Ant In The West
Mistaken Identy
How Now Bow Wow
Dragon Master
The Big Gimmick
Super Blooper
Wild Wild Ants
Dina Sore
Amusement Park Amazement
Bully For Atom Ant
Termighty Mean
Nine Strikes You're Out
Go West Young Ant

Season 2

Knight Fight
Pteraducktyl Soup
Up In The Air Squares
Killer-Diller Gorilla
Rock-A-Bye Boo Boo

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