Batman 1968

After the success of the live-action series of 1966, The Adventures of Batman
and Robin was created. It was the first ever Batman animated series to hit the
airwaves. Batman and Robin would face off such villains as the Joker, the
Scarecrow and Catwoman. The show consisted of a thirteen minute
"Adventures of Batman" segment followed by a six minute "Adventures of
Batman and Robin" segment. The show originally aired as part of the
Batman-Superman Hour before being re-aired the next year as The Adventures
of Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder. The show lasted for 17 segments of
each "The Adventures of Batman" and "The Adventures of Batman and Robin"
for a total of 34 episodes before its cancellation.

1  My Crime is Your Crime
2  A Bird Out of Hand  
3  The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze
4  The Joke's on Robin  
5  How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow?
6  In Again, Out Again Penguin    
7  The Nine Lives of Batman
8  Long John Joker  
9  Bubi, Bubi, Who's Got the Ruby?
10  The 1,001 Faces of the Riddler   
11  The Big Birthday Caper
12  Two Penguins Too Many  
13  Partner in Peril
14  The Underworld Underground Caper
15  Hizzoner the Joker
16  Mr. Freeze's Frozen Vikings  
17  The Crime Computer
18  The Great Scarecrow Scare
19  A Game of Cat and Mouse
20  Beware of Living Dolls  
21  Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up?
22  He Who Swipes the Ice Goes to the Cooler
23  Simon the Pieman
24  A Mad, Mad Tea Party
25  From Catwoman, With Love
26  Perilous Playthings
27  A Perfidious Pieman is Simon
28  The Cool, Cruel Christmas Caper  
29  The Fiendish, Frigid Fraud
30  Enter the Judge
31  The Jigsaw Jeopardy
32  Wrath of the Riddler
33  It Takes Two to Make a Team
34  Opera Buffa

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