The New Adventures of Batman

The New Adventures of Batman was produced by the
Filmation studio in 1977. This was the second Batman
animated series produced by them, after the 1968-1969
series. The character designs for most of the characters
(except Commissioner Gordon) were retained from the earlier
series, although the… More more sophisticated animation
technique of rotoscoping (tracing the characters' movements
over live action footage) was used to give the characters a
more fluid movement. Each episode also contained a short,
moralistic "Bat Message" at the end.


1 - The Pest
2 - The Moonman
3 - Trouble Identity
4 - A Sweet Joke On Gotham City
5 - The Bermuda Rectangle
6 - Curses! Oiled Again!
7 - Bite-Sized
8 - Reading, Writing & Wronging
9 - The Chameleon
10 - He Who Laughs Last
11 - The Deep Freeze
12 - Dead Ringers
13 - Birds Of A Feather Fool Around Together
14 - Have An Evil Day (1)
15 - Have An Evil Day (2)
16 - This Looks Like A Job For Bat-Mite!

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