The Animated

Volume Two
In 1992, the birth of Warner Bros. "Batman: The Animated Series" changed the
Batman Universe forever. The dynamic series spawned a new technique in
animation using black backgrounds that would eventually be dubbed "Dark Deco."
Dark Deco gave every scene within Gotham an extraordinary look, redefining the
image of the city. The series also revamped the classic characters, casting a unique
perspective on their origins and personalities. The series included all the popular
characters and even created some new ones. The most significant change was the
transformation of the Dick Grayson/Robin character in the "new" 90's costume,
resulting in a hipper more adult representation which the character has never seen.
The Batman character continued to embody the dark image fans have come to love
while maintaining the heroic qualities identified with the character.

Volume Two

41.  If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
42.  Joker's Wild  
43.  His Silicon Soul  
44.  Off Balance
45.  What is Reality?  
46.  The Laughing Fish
47.  Harley and Ivy  
48.  The Mechanic
49.  The Man Who Killed Batman  
50.  Zatanna
51.  Robin's Reckoning  
52.  Birds of a Feather
53.  Robin's Reckoning, Part II  
54.  Blind as a Bat
55.  Day of the Samurai  
56.  See No Evil
57.  The Demon's Quest  
58.  The Demon's Quest, Part II
59.  Read My Lips  
60.  Fire From Olympus
61.   Shadow of the Bat  
62.   Shadow of the Bat, Part II
63.   Mudslide  
64.   The Worry Men
65.   Paging the Crime Doctor

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