The New Batman
Batman Gotham Nights

Also known as The New Batman Adventures, this series takes place two years after the last
episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Batman continues to fight crime in Gotham City, but
there have been some changes. Dick Grayson has become Nightwing, Tim Drake has taken over
the role of Robin, and Batgirl has become a part of Batman's team. But the Dark Knight's
greatest villains continue to plague Gotham City,
so not everything has changed.

This series aired alongside Superman as part of
The New Batman/Superman Adventures on the WB.

All 24 Episodes!

Season One
1. Holiday Knights 2. Sins of the Father 3. Cold Comfort 4. Never Fear
5. You Scratch My Back 6. Double Talk 7. Joker's Millions
8. Growing Pains 9. Mean Seasons 10. The Demon Within
11. Over The Edge 12. Torch Song 13. Love is a Croc

Season Two
14. The Ultimate Thrill 15. Critters 16. Cult of the Cat
17. Animal Act 18. Old Wounds 19. Legends of the Dark Knight
20. Girl's Night Out 21. Chemistry 22. Judgment Day
23. Beware the Creeper 24. Mad Love

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