Batman and


1. House and Garden
2. Sideshow
3. Avatar
4. Trial
5. Harlequinade
6. Bane
7. Second Chance
8. Riddler's Reform
9. Baby Doll
10. Time Out Of Joint
11. Harley's Holiday
12. Make 'Em Laugh
13. Batgirl Returns
14. Lockup
15. Deep Freeze
16. The Terrible Trio
17. Showdown
18. Catwalk
19. A Bullet For Bullock
20. The Lion & The Unicorn

Interactive dvd menus
Awesome graphics and sound
Nice dvd collector box/case
Wonderful picture art directly printed on the dvd.
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First Class USPS shipping with delivery e-confirmation.
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$19.99 + s/h