Battle of the Planets
Volume One

Battle of the Planets casts five young people as G-Force, consisting of Mark, Jason, Princess,
Keyop and Tiny. G-Force protects Earth from planet Spectra and other attacks from beyond
space. Their main ship is the Phoenix, which can deploy four smaller vehicles, each operated by
one team member. A regularly featured deus ex machina was the transformation of the Phoenix
into a flaming bird-shaped craft able to handle virtually any exceptional situation by functioning
as something like a giant blowtorch. The Phoenix’s primary weapon was a large supply of rockets.

1  Attack Of The Space Terrapin
2  Rescue Of The Astronauts
3  The Space Mummy
4  The Space Serpent
5  Ghost Ship From Planet Mir
6  Big Robot Gold Gra
7  Ace From Outer Space
8  Fearful Sea Anemone
9  Jupiter Moon Menace
10  A Swarm Of Robot Ants
11  Space Rocket Escort
12  Beast With A Sweet Tooth
13  Perilous Pleasure Cruise
14  The Thing With 1000 Eyes
15  Microfilm Mystery
16  The Alien Beetles
17  A Whale Joins GForce
18  Mad New Ruler Of Spectra
19  The Sea Dragon
20  Magnetic Attraction
21  The Musical Mummy
22  The Fiery Lava Giant
23  The BatRay Bombers
24  Race Against Disaster
25  The Ghostly Grasshopper
26  The Galaxy Girls
27  Curse Of The Cuttlefish Part 1
28  Curse Of The Cuttlefish Part 2         
29  Demons Of The Desert
30  Siege Of The Squids

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