Bionic Six
Volume One

Jack Bennet, a secret agent for the CIA, takes his family
on a trip to the Himalayas. He encounters aliens who are trying to
obtain Bertomium. In a battle, Jack's family becomes trapped under
radioactive snow and they slip into comas.
In an effort to save their lives, Professor Sharp
implants bionics into them and
the Bionic Six are born.

Valley of Shadows
Enter the Bunji
Eric Bats a Thousand
Klunk in Love
Radio Scarab
Family Affair
Happy Birthday, Amadeus
Brain Food
Just a Little Handicap
Bionics On! The First Adventure
Back to the Past (1)
Back to the Past (2)
Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.
Nick of Time
Youth or Consequences
Extra Innings
Return of the Bunji
Crown of the Scarab King
1001 Bionic Nights
The Perceptor File
House Rules
Nightmare at Cypress Cove
Music Power
The Hive
I Compute, Therefore I Am
Born to Be Bad
A Clean Slate (1)
A Clean Slate (2)
Spin Out

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