(Central Organization of Police Specialists)
Fighting Crime in a Future Time
Volume Two

The year: 2020 in the near future. The place: Empire City, a megalopolis (while Kansas and
Oklahoma have an Empire City, the one in the series is a coastal city). The situation: Brandon
“Big Boss” Babel, along with his Crooks, are holding the entire city under the palm of his iron
hand and the Empire City Police Department can do nothing to stop him. As a last resort, Mayor
Davis sends in Special Agent Baldwin P. Vess (Codename: Bulletproof) to take him down.
However, Bulletproof suffered very serious injuries at the hands of Big Boss’
criminal henchmen and had to be taken to the hospital, where he is given a cybernetic
bullet-resistant torso to save his life.

While staying at the hospital, Bulletproof, knowing he cannot do all of this alone,
sends out Police Officer P.J. O’Malley (Codename: LongArm) and rookie officer Donny Brooks
(Codename: HardTop) to round up the best law enforcers from all over the country. With these
men and women—including Highway, Mace, Barricade, Mainframe, Sundown, Mirage, Bullseye,
and Bowser and Blitz—he forms a team that is “the finest law enforcement agency there is in the
country.” Bulletproof becomes the proud founder and commander of C.O.P.S. Together, he and
his C.O.P.S. team are able to take down Big Boss and his gang of crooks and
thwart the first of many of Big Boss’ criminal schemes.

Volume Two

23  The Case of the Big Frame-Up  
24  The Case of the Sinister Spa  
25  The Case of the Cool Caveman  
26  The Case of the Wayward Whiz Kid  
27  The Case of the Stashed Cash  
28  The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan (1)
29  The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan (2)  
30  The Case of the Criminal Games  
31  The Case of the Iceberg Pirates  
32  The Case of the Giveaway Gold  
33  The Case of the Big Little Green Men  
34  The Case of the Crook with a Conscience  
35  The Case of Mace's Romance  
36  The Case of the Crime Nobody Heard
 (Not included)
37  The Case of the Bogus Bride  
38  The Case of the Visiting Mother  
39  The Case of the Ghost Crooks  
40  The Case of the Lying Lie Detector  

RARE!!! You will
not find any of these episodes anywhere but here!
Because these episodes are very rare ... the graphic quality on
Volume Two and Volume Three is rated at 6 to 7 out of 10.  

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