Captain America

The first Captain America animated TV series was shown as part of the Marvel Superheroes
Show, an half hour spot featuring the adventures of five different Marvel characters in their own
cartoon. As well as the Captain also shown as part of this show was The Submariner, The Mighty
Thor, The Incredible Hulk and Ironman. The series began with the origin of Captain America and
featured many of his comic book adversaries. The Nazi menace of the Red Skull was public
enemy number one. Cap also fought against Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil, and many
other familiar faces from his early comics. The season of shows was divided up in to thirteen
different stories each unfolding over three five minute episodes.


The Origin of Captain America
Wreckers Among us
Enter the Red Skull

The Sentinal and the Spy
The Fantastic Origin of the Red Skull
Lest Tyranny Triumph

Midnight in Greymore Castle
If this be Treason
When You Lie Down with Dogs

Revenge of Captain America
The Trap is Sprung
So Dies a Villain

Return of Captain America
The Search
To Live Again

Zemo and His Masters of Evil
Zemo Strikes
The Fury of Zemo

Let the Past be Gone
The Adaptoid
The Super Adaptoid

Coming of the Swordsman
Vengeance is Ours
Emissary of Destruction

Bitter Taste of defeat
Sorcery Triumph
The Road Back

When the Commissar Commands
Doorway to Doom
Duel or Die

The Sleeper Shall Awake
Where Walks the Sleeper
The Final Sleep

The Girl from Cap's Past
The Stage is Set
30 Minutes to Live

The Red Skull Lives
He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube
The Red Skull Supreme

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