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Captain Planet
Season Two

Captain Planet was created by billionaire Ted Turner in the early 90's to spread
awareness of the environmental damage done to earth every year, at the same time
providing the action and thrills that a Saturday morning cartoon needs to be a hit.

This special effort worked. BIG TIME. The show ran for six long successful years, with
three seasons divided between DIC animation, and Hanna-Barbera, and today is still
repeated all over the globe it was created to help save.

Our world is in peril, Gaia, the spirit of the earth, can no longer stand the terrible
destruction plaguing our planet, she sends five magic rings to five special young

Kwame: From Africa, with the power of Earth..
From North America, Wheeler, with the power of Fire
From the Soviet Union, Linka, with the Power of the Wind
From Asia, Gi, with the power of the Water
And from South America, Ma-Ti, with the power of Heart

When the five powers combine, they summon earth's greatest champion, CAPTAIN

THE POWER IS YOURS! Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!
By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet
Captain Planet, He's A Hero
Gonna Take Pollution Down To Zero
He's Our Powers Magnified
And He's Fighting On The Planet's Side
Captain Planet - - He's a Hero
Gonna Take Pollution Down To Zero
Gonna Help Him Pull Asunder
Bad Guys Who Like to Loot and Plunder
We're the Planeteers  You Can Be One Too
'Cause Saving Our Planet Is The Thing To Do
Looting And Polluting Is Not The Way!
Here's what Captain Planet Has To Say: THE POWER IS YOURS!

Season Two
27  Mind Pollution  9/14/1991  
28  The Garbage Strikes  9/21/1991  
29  Domes of Doom  9/28/1991  
30  Send in the Clones  10/5/1991  
31  The Predator  10/12/1991  
32  The Ark  10/19/1991  
33  Isle of Solar Energy  10/26/1991  
34  The Coral Killer  11/2/1991  
35  The Big Clam-up  11/9/1991   
36  An Inside Job  11/16/1991  
37  The Fine Print  11/23/1991  
38  Off Road Hog  11/30/1991  
39  Trouble on the Half Shell  12/7/1991  
40  Stardust  1/18/1992
41  The Blue Car Line  1/25/1992  
42  Birds of a Feather  2/1/1992  
43  Summit to Save Earth (1)  2/8/1992  
44  Summit to Save Earth (2)  2/15/1992  
45  Losing Game  2/22/1992
46  A Twist of Fate  2/29/1992
47  The Great Tree Heist  3/7/1992  
48  Radiant Amazon  3/28/1992  
49  Scorched Earth  3/14/1992  
50  Hate Canal  3/21/1992    
51  Fare Thee Whale  4/4/1992  
52  Utopia  4/11/1992  

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