Complete David
The Gnome

Included are all 26 episodes (Both Seasons) of David the Gnome. The World of
David the Gnome was based on the world famous children's books The Gnomes and
The Secret of the Gnomes by Dutch authors Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen.

David the Gnome, and his wife Lisa, were peace loving Gnomes who lived in a tree.
They probably reminded more than a few children of their grandparents. David would
travel around on the back of his trusty fox, Swift, who he would summon by whistling.
Overall it was a very interesting show which taught children to enjoy and respect
nature and the world around them.

Episodes Included

Season 1

1. Good Medicine
2. Witch Way Out
3. David to the Rescue
4. The Baby Troll
5. Little Houses for Little People
6. The Wedding That Almost Wasn't
7. To Grandfather's House We Go
8. Ghost of Black Lake
9. Kingdom Of The Elves
10. The Magic Knife
11. Young Dr. Gnome
12. Happy Birthday to You
13. The Siberian Bear

Season 2

1. Foxy Dilemma
2. Three Wishes
3. Ivan the Terrible
4. Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere
5. Any Milk Today
6. The Shadowless Stone
7. Friends in Trouble
8. Airlift
9. Big Bad Tom
10. Kangaroo Adventure
11. The Careless Cub
12. The Gift
13. The Mountains of Beyond
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