Deputy Dawg

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Deputy Dawg is a dim witted Southern lawman, who, despite his own
ineptitude, always manages to catch the bad guy.

21 Best Episodes
1. Obnoxious Obie
2.  Seize You Later, Aligator  
3.  The Poster Caper  
4.  Star For A Day  
5.  Pitch Hittin' For A Pigeon  
6.  Herman The Hermit  
7.  Scare Cure  
8.  Deputy Dawg's Nephew
9.  Open Wide  
10.  Heat Wave  
11.  Safe And Insane 4th  
12.  Henhouse Hasssle  
13.  Just Ghost To Show You  
14.  The Fragrant Vagrant  
15.  Stuck Duck  
16.  Mr. Moose  
17.  The Never Glades  
18. Duped Deputy
19.  All Tuckered Out  
20.  National Lazy Day  
21.  Hex Marks The Spot

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