Star Wars

The Ewoks animated series centered around
Return of the Jedi star, Wicket, and his good
friends Princess Kneesaa, Latara, Paploo and
Teebo. The series recounts their adventures and
struggles while living in the magical forest in the
days before the evil Empire
invaded their moon planet, Endor.


1. The Cries of the Trees
2. The Haunted Village
3. Rampage of the Phlogs
4. To Save Deej
5. The Traveling Jindas
6. The Tree of Light
7. The Curse of the Jindas
8. The Land of the Gupins
9. Sunstar vs. Shadowstone
10. Wicket's Wagon
11. The Three Lessons
12. Blue Harvest
13. Asha
14. The Crystal Cloak
15. The Wish Plant
16. Home is Where the Shrieks Are
17. Princess Latara
18. The Raich
19. The Totem Master
20. A Gift for Shodu
21. Night of the Stranger
22. Gone With the Mimphs
23. The First Apprentice
24. Hard Sell
25. A Warrior and a Lurdo
26. The Season Scepter
27. Prow Beaten
28. Baga's Rival
29. Horville's Hut of Horrors
30. The Tragic Flute
31. Just My Luck
32. Bringing Up Norky
33. Party Ewok
34. Malani the Warrior
35. Battle for the Sunstar.

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