150 years into the future, mankind has mastered genetic
engineering and populated the planets of Mars & Venus by
changing their atmospheres to allow for human habitation.
Current military force was very quiet until attacks on space
shipping by outlaw Pirates (former inmates of penal
colonies on the outer planets) greatly amplified. The
Homeworlds (Mars & Venus) Congress organized a new
military force to deal with the Pirate menace: the Exoforce.
Using complicated "Exo-technology" (powerful armored
suits that function as impenetrable outer skeletons) these
brave men and women do battle with the Pirates.
1  Pirate Scourge
2  Seeds of Deception
3  Hidden Terrors
4  Blitzkrieg
5  Resist!
6  Target: Earth
7  A Traitor Among Us   
8  Scorched Venus  
9  Sabotage  
10  Abandoned
11  The Brood  
12  Betrayal
13  Defying Olympus
14  The Gathering
15  The Embassy
16  Pirate's Ransom  
17  Ultimate Weapon
18  Expendable  
19  Mindset  
20  The Last Man  
21  Dragon's Rock  
22  Inner Dark  
23  The Dogs of War  
24  The First Step   
25  The Greatest Fear   
26  Flesh Crawls
27  Behind the Shield   
28  Venus Rising    
29  Miracle
30  Under the Skin    
31  Ultimatum
32  Warrior Brood
33  The Dream War
34  No Surrender  
35  Fire Ship   
36  Martian Luck
37  The Lost Patrol  
38  Call of the Unknown   
39  Heart of Mars  
40  Winged Fury  
41  The Night of the Traitor
42  Trial by Combat
43  The Perfect Warrior   
44  The Price of Courage   
45  Dark River  
46  The Art of War
47  One Small Step
48  Fifth Column
49  The Last Jump
50  A Night Before Doomsday  
51  Abandon Hope
52  Beyond Chaos  
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