Fantastic 4
Series on DVD (1967)

Four intrepid explorers are exposed to mysterious cosmic rays on a space voyage
and find themselves each with unique powers and abilities. They now use their
powers for the good of all mankind against the forces of evil from our world and

Their leader is Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), whose knowledge sent them all on
their fateful flight, and who gained the abilities of a completely malleable body. Sue
Storm, Reed's wife became the self-descriptive Invisible Girl, while her brother, the
youngster of the team, Johnny Storm became the Human Torch. Lastly, their
spaceship pilot, Ben Grimm became the super-powerful rocks-skinned Thing.
Together they are the Fantastic Four.

Episode List

#1 - Klaws
#2 - Menace of the Mole Men
#3 - Diablo
#4 - The Red Ghost
#5 - Invasion of the Super Skrulls
#6 - Three Predictions of Dr. Doom
#7 - The Way it all Began
#8 - Behold a Distant Star
#9 - Prisoners of Planet X
#10 - The Mysterious Molecule Man
#11 - Danger in the Depths
#12 - Demon of the Deep
#13 - Return of the Moleman
#14 - Galactus
#15 - It Started on Yancy Street
#16 - The Micro World of Dr. Doom
#17 - Blast Starr, the Living Bomb Burst
#18 - Rama-Tut
#19 - The Terrible Tribunal
#20 - The Deadly Director

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