Fantastic Four
1970’s Animated

This series was known as the "The New Fantastic Four" when it originally aired in 1978.
This animated series was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, and featured the
talents of both of The Fantastic Four's creators - Stan Lee (as one of the series'
writers) and Jack Kirby (as a storyboard artist), as well as the comics writer Roy
Thomas behind the series.
The second animated incarnation of the Fantastic Four reunites Mr. Fantastic, the
Invisible Woman and the Thing, but replaces the Human Torch with HERBIE the Robot.
(The rumor is that the reason for the change was fear that young viewers would play
with fire to emulate the Torch, however the real reason for the change was that Marvel
was looking into a solo Human Torch television program.)
The Fantastic Four do battle with space aliens and other enemies like Magneto, the
Skrulls, Mole Man, the Frightful Four (Medusa, Sandman, the Wizard, and the
Trapster), Dragonman, the Impossible Man, Dr. Doom, and Blast Starr. Series also
features a guest appearance by the Inhumans (Blackbolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnac,
and Crystal).
This 3 DVD set contains all 13 episodes of the 1970s Fantastic Four program.

Disc 1
1.   Monsters Among Us
2.   Menace of Magneto
3.   Phantom of Film City
4.   Inhumans
5.   Diamond of Doom
6.   The Mole Man
7.  Olympics of Space
8.    Frightful Four
9.   On Campus
10.  Impossible Man
11. Meet Dr. Doom
12. Final Victory of Dr. Doom
13. Blastarr, Living Bomb-Burst

There is no original release of this TV series on DVD or video.
This cartoon was only released to be shown on TV and is not sold in stores.

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