Dexter Douglas is a mild-mannered teenager who, while logged onto the Internet one Christmas, is
thrust into a horrible crash on the information superhighway and transformed into an electrifying
superhero. He's average, predictable, the middle of the bell curve and the center of the silent majority,
which most consider completely dull and boring; the type of person who just blends into the crowd.
However, all this changes when he turns into the Freakazoid, a lightening haired superhero who wears
red underwear who uses his new abilities to fight evil and do battle with villains such as the Lobe. That
is, unless Cosgrove, his best friend and chief of police, can suggest something better to do. With his
many trusted sidekicks, his fabulous Freakalair and his girlfriend Steph by his side, he’s ready to save
the day; that is, unless there’s something better on TV.

Paul Rugg as the voice of Freakazoid
Joe Leahy as the Narrator
Tress MacNeille as the voice of Debbie Douglas
Ed Asner as the voice of Sgt. Mike Cosgrove
Directed by Rich Arons


1. Five Day Forecast / Dance of Doom / Hand Man
2. Candle Jack / Toby Danger in Doomsday Bet / The Lobe
3. Mo-Ron / The Sewer Rescue / The Big Question / The Legends Who Lunch
4. And Fan Boy Is His Name / Lawn Gnomes: Fun in the Sun / Frenching with Freakazoid!
5. Foamy the Freakadog / Office Visit / Ode to Leonard Nimoy / Emergency Broadcast System
6. The Chip (Acts I - III)
7. The Chip (Act IV) / Freakazoid is History
8. Hot Rods from Heck / A Time for Evil
9. Relax-O-Vision / Fatman and Boy Blubber / Limbo Lock-up / Terror Palace
10. In Arms Way / The Cloud
11. Next Time, Phone Ahead / Nerdator
12. House of Freakazoid / Sewer or Later
13. The Wrath of Guitierrez
14. Dexter's Date
15. The Freakazoid
16. Mission: Freakazoid
17. Virtual Freak
18. Hero Boy
19. A Matter of Love
20. Statuesque
21. Island of Dr. Mystico
22. Two Against Freak
23. Freak-a-Panel / Tomb of Invisibo
24. Normadeus

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