G.I. Joe DiC Series
Season One & Two

The DiC stories, due to budgetary issues, chose to focus primarily on new characters of the
period (no doubt to sell toys for Hasbro). Hawk was retained as G.I. Joe commander and at
times shared his duties with Sgt. Slaughter as head of G.I. Joe. Captain Grid-Iron was given
field commander duties in Season 1, with Duke regaining his old position in Season 2.
Storm Shadow was also now a member of G.I. Joe, as he had been sold as a Joe rather
than a Cobra since 1988, keeping in line with the story of the comics, where he had
abandoned Cobra in 1986-87.

The first season centered almost exclusively on the 1990 Joes; meanwhile, Cobra, having a
less extensive cast, was augmented by select characters from 1989 and the
yet-to-be-released 1991 figures. This new ensemble had a much wider variety of Cobra
Officers as we were introduced to the Night Creeper and his warriors, and many different
forms of VIPERS. It has been criticized that the DiC version of Cobra was completely loyal to
Cobra Commander, however it has been noted by DiC fans that the Sunbow version of
Cobra was much the same. It must be remembered that even though Cobra failed they did
not attempt to replace Cobra Commander till the second season.

The first season of the DiC series was mainly standalone episodes that focused on
establishing new team members and plots. The second season of the DiC show lowered the
animation budget but began a series of two part episodes, which often told a deeper story
involving more dramatic life and death situations for the Joes.

In 1989, DiC first produced its first G.I. Joe cartoon as a five-part mini-series entitled
Operation Dragonfire. The story picks up on events from G.I. Joe: The Movie, putting Cobra
Commander back in charge after a coup, having reverted to his human form with the help
of an ancient power. G.I. Joe fans who followed the DiC series regard this mini-series as the
closest in nature to the Sunbow episodes that preceded it.

Disc One
"Stuck On You"    "BIOK"
"Victory at Volcania, Part 1"    "Victory at Volcania, Part 2"
"General Confusion"    "The Mind Mangler"
"Cold Shoulder"    "Message from the Deep"
"D-Day at Alcatraz, Part 1"   "D-Day at Alcatraz, Part 2"
"Revenge of the Pharoahs"    "Granny Dearest"
"Basic Training"   "An Officer and a Viperman"  
"United We Stand"    "Infested Island"  
"Injustice and the Cobra Way"  
"The Legend of Metal Hand"  
"The Nozone Conspiracy"

Disc Two
"The Greatest Evil, Part 1"   "The Greatest Evil, Part 2"
"Night of the Creepers"   "The Sludge Factor, Part 1"
"The Sludge Factor, Part 2"   "That's Entertainment"
"I Found your Evy"   "Pigskin Commandos"
"Keyboard Warriors"   "Shadow of a Doubt"
"Long Live Rock & Roll, Part 1"
"Long Live Rock & Roll, Part 2"
"The Sword"   "Cobra World"
"Kingergarten Commandos"
"Metal-Head's Reunion"

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The following episodes are NOT part of this collection..."Chunnel", "El Dorado, The Lost
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