G.I. Joe Extreme

"Extreme Times Call for Extreme Heroes"

The series is set in 2006 where a new enemy emerges, the terrorist organization
SKAR. The toy line never made it clear if the name was meant to be an acronym but it
was often spelled in all capitals. However, in the Dark Horse comics, SKAR was an
acronym for Soldiers of Kaos, Anarchy, and Ruin. The group is led by the Iron Klaw, a
former count of a European country.

In the comics published by Dark Horse, the original leader of SKAR was a woman
named the Duchess, who wanted the royal line to regain control of her country’s
government through whatever means necessary and was assassinated by Iron Klaw,
her lieutenant, when he became more ambitious and craved world domination.

The Joe Team is a much smaller group. Their designated commander is Lt. Stone.
Their main headquarters is located on an uncharted island while their presidential
liaison is a man named Mr. Clancy. It has been hinted that Clancy is much older than
he looks and has been battling the SKAR organization far longer than the Joes.


Summoning of Heroes
Serious Leg Work
Point of Honor
Chips and a Cold, Cold Drink
To Catch a Klaw
Dawn's Oily Light
Crawling from the Wreckage
Extend a Helping Klaw
Now Hear This
Winner Take All
Coup of the Klaw
Skar Under Siege
Operation Underground
A Traitor Among Us
Iron Klaw Unmasked
The Search for Clancy
Sabotage in the Skies
The Silencers
Rampage for President
The Hard Road Home
Wreckage: Revenge!
Fear at Fifty Fathoms
Metalhead Goes AWOL

Sgt. Savage - Pilot Episode

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