G.I. Joe
The Mass Device

The Joes first became animated in a 5-part cartoon miniseries which aired in 1983. The
MASS Device mini-series introduced a device that could move, well, mass to other places.
COBRA used this to their own advantages, but they needed the proper elements to work
the MASS Device.

The series had alternate "looks" for several popular Joe characters. The Baroness did not
have her black uniform with the red Cobra symbol; rather, she wore blue. Snake-Eyes wore
the original uniform that he had worn with his first action figure (see below). When he
appeared again in "The Revenge of Cobra," the 1985 uniform was used. Finally, Cobra
Commander's mask was slightly altered, having blue underneath the silver mask rather
than silver as used in the main G.I. Joe animated series.

#1 "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" (Part 1 of 5 - 9/12/83)
#2 "Slave of the Cobra Master" (Part 2 of 5 - 9/13/83)
#3 "The Worms of Death" (Part 3 of 5 - 9/14/83)
#4 "Duel in the Devil's Cauldron" (Part 4 of 5 - 9/15/83)
#5 "A Stake in the Serpent's Heart" (Part 5 of 5 - 9/16/83)

G.I. Joe
The Revenge of Cobra
(aka The Weather Dominator)

The second G.I. Joe miniseries involved a contraption called the "Weather Dominator"
which would be COBRA's means of revenge against the G.I. Joes.

Aired in September 1984, this mini-series introduced several new Joes to the canon --
before they even had action figures! Zartan and the Dreadnoks led the pack of new
baddies; and new heroes included Flint, Lady Jaye, and Roadblock.

Like the first mini-series, "The Revenge of Cobra" had its own unique opening sequence
that was very cool... Complete with a flaming Cobra head around the logo.

#6 "The Revenge of Cobra, Part 1" (9/10/84)
#7 "The Revenge of Cobra, Part 2" (9/11/84)
#8 "The Revenge of Cobra, Part 3" (9/12/84)
#9 "The Revenge of Cobra, Part 4" (9/13/84)
#10 "The Revenge of Cobra, Part 5" (9/14/84)

Spy Troops
The Movie

Spy Troops is the first G.I. Joe movie to be released by Reel FX. The plot revolves around
a new remote-control device that the Joes have in their possession. The title refers to the
fact that the two opposing forces, the Joe Team and Cobra, make use of spies to achieve
their objectives. Cobra sends Zartan to steal this device while the Joes also send in their
own spy to the enemy camp.
The movie ends in a battle royale between Joe and Cobra forces.

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