Grimm's Fairy
Tale Classics

"Hey come along and join the fun. It's the time for fairy tales.
Magical kingdoms in the sun, come along, come along.
Meet friendly elves and witches too, in the world of fairy tales.
Enchanted castles wait for you, come along, come along.....
to where life is a fantasy and every story ends so happily. (hehehe)
This is the place where dreams come true. A world of fairy tales for you!"

Grimm’s fairy Tale classics were Japanese interpretations of classic fairy tales that
aired on Nick Jr. beginning in 1988. The show was a thirty-minute anime cartoon that
depicted a different Grimm fairytale from the more well known to the lesser known
ones. There were a total of 48 episodes in all.

Disc 1
Snow White
Puss & Boots
The Golden Goose
King Grizzle Beard
Snow White and the Rose Red
The Frog Prince
The Marriage of Mrs. Fox
The Coat of Many Colors
Bear Skin

Disc 2
The Spirit in the Bottle
Mother Holle
The Magic Heart
The Musicians of Bremen Town
Old Sultan
The Man of Iron
The Six Who Went Far
The Brave Little Taylor
Beauty & The Beast
The Won-Out Dancing Shoes
Little Red Riding Hood
The Water Of Life

Disc 3
Wren and Bear
Hare and the Hedgehog
Old Woman in the Woods
Briar Rose
The Faithful Watchman
Hansel & Gretal
Six Swans
Wolf & the Fox
Four Skillful Brothers
Brother & Sister

Disc 4
The Naughty Spirit  *  The Six Swans
Jorinde & Joringel

David The Gnome
David to the Rescue
Three Wishes
Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere
The Wedding That Almost Wasn't
Young Dr. Gnome
The Baby Troll
Friends in Trouble
Kangaroo Adventure

Berenstain Bears

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