This cartoon has a cast of eight characters. Zandar, protector of the planet
Quasar; his wife Tara; Dorno his son; and five denizens of the planet called
the Herculoids. They are Igoo the rock ape, Tundro the eight legged
rhinotriceritops, Zok the dragon, who has lasers emit from his eyes and tail,
and two Protoplastic creatures named Gloop and Gleep.

Plot:  The Herculoids (Zandor, Dorno, Tara, Gleep, Gloop, Igoo, and Zok)
are the defenders of their planet which is called Quasar.  They are usually
defending this planet from an enemy with some kind of ray (Hanna-Barbera
seemed to be fond of various rays as weapons in the 60s,  i.e. Birdman), or
some kind of mechanized attacker that will do the real enemy's bidding.  
Gleep, Gloop, Igoo, and Zok usually end up saving the day in each episode.


1-The Mutoids
2- The Gladiators of Kryanite
3- The Antidote
4- Attack From Space
5- Defeat of Ogron
6- Destroyer Ants
7- Mekkano, The Machine Man
8- Prisoners of the Bubble Men
9- The Android People
10- The Crystalites
11- The Pirates
12- The Pod Creatures
13- The Spider Man
14- The Island of the Gravites
15- Tiny World Of Terror
16- Mission Of the Amatons
17- Swamp Monster
18- The Lost Dargyte
19-Temple Of Trax
20- Mekkor
21- Queen Skorra
22- The Raiders
23- Malak and the Metal Apes
24- The Mole Men
25- Return of Sta-Lek
26- The Time Creatures
27- Attack of the Faceless People
28- Revenge of the Pirates
29- Laser Lances
30- Sarko the Arkman
31- The Beaked People
32- The Zorbots
33- Invasion of the Electrode Men
34- Ruler of the Reptons
35- The Raider Apes
36- The Return of Torrak
37- The Invisibles
38- Mindbender
39- Space Trappers
40- The Purple Menace
41- The Ice Monster
42- Return of the Ancients
43- The Snake Riders
44- The Energy Creatures
45- The Buccaner
46- The Thunderbolt
47- The Firebird.

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