Hulk '80 Series

Hulk '82 series was first produced in September 1982, as a companion piece to their
successful Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends series and ended in September 1984. It
had one season and 13 episodes.

PLOT: This series took its inspiration from the Hulk's adventures in the 1960's comic: Tales
To Astonish, when Bruce Banner still worked under General Ross' command at Gamma
Base, and the world was unaware that he was the Hulk. Through a series of five stock
transformation scenes, the helpless scientist Bruce Banner transformed into the Hulk week
after week, while also trying to ride himself of his savage alter-ego. Supporting characters
included Rick Jones, the teenage inadvertently responsible for Banner becoming the Hulk;
Betty Ross, Bruce's fiance and prominent scientist on Gamma Base (similar to her role in the
1996 Hulk animated series); her father, General Ross, in command of Gamma Base; Major
Ned Talbot, the general's semi-competent right-hand man; and two characters specially
created for the show, Rio the owner of a nearby desert restaurant and his daughter Rita,
whom Rick has a thing for.


01. Tomb of the Unknown Hulk
02. Prisoner of the Monster
03. Origin of the Hulk
04. When Monsters Meet
05. The Cyclops Project
06. Bruce Banner Unmasked
07. The Creature and the Cave girl
08. It Lives! It Grows! It Destroys!
09. The Incredible Shrinking Hulk
10. Punks on Wheels
11. Enter: She-Hulk
12. The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow
13. Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner

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