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The Impossibles were a rock group who were also multi-dimensional
super heroes. The Impossibles consisted of:

Coil Man (a.k.a. Coily) could transform his limbs into impossibly
stretchable coils, allowing him to bounce to avoid attacks, deliver
long-ranged punches, and drill through walls. Coil Man usually drove
the Impossimobile, and his guitar contained a receiver through which
"Big D" could contact the group. Coil Man was voiced by Hal Smith.
The character was patterned after Stooge Curly Howard.

Fluid Man (a.k.a. Fluey or Flo) was the leader of the trio, and could
morph parts of his body into a liquid form. Fluid Man was voiced by
Paul Frees . The character was patterned after Stooge Larry Fine,
with the stand-up hair being the obvious tip-off.

Multi Man (a.k.a. Multi) could create infinite duplicates of himself. His
duplicates rarely if ever functioned independently, and were usually
used for extra strength or transportation (he could fly by continuously
creating replicas above himself). A physical trait that he shared with
many of his contemporaries in cartoons and comics was a mop of hair
that entirely covered his eyes. Multi Man was voiced by Don Messick.
The character was patterned after Stooge Mo Howard, who was the
leader there, as well.

Frankenstein Jr. was created by Dr. Conroy to help fight crime. He is a
30-foot mechanic robot that is summoned by a ring that is worn by
Buzz, Dr. Conroy's son.

The Bubbler
The Spinner
The Perilous Paper Doll
The Burrower
The Sinister Speck
Fero, The Fiendish Fiddler
Mother Gruesome
The Diabolical Dauber
The Wretched Professor Stretch
The Devilish Dragster
The Return Of The Spinner
Satanic Surfer
The Puzzler
The Scheming Spraysol
The Scurrilous Sculptor
The Artful Archer
The Insidious Inflator
The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler
The Return Of The Perilous Paperman
Cronella Critch The Tricky Witch
The Terrible Twister
Professor Stretch Bounces Back
The Terrifying Tapper
The Anxious Angler
The Rascally Ringmaster
Billy The Kidder
The Fiendish Dr. Futuro
The Crafty Clutcher
The Infamous Mr Instant
The Bizarre Battler
The Not So Nice Mr Ice

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