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Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is an animated television series about a clumsy, absent-
minded and oblivious detective, Inspector Gadget, who is a human being
with various bionic "gadgets" built into his anatomy. Gadget's main nemesis
is the mysterious Dr. Claw, leader of an evil organization known as MAD.

Disc One
1. Winter Olympics
2. Monster Lake
3. Down On The Farm
4. Gadget At The Circus
5. Amazon
6. Health Spa
7. The Boat
8. Haunted Castle
9. Race To The Finish
10. The Ruby
11. A Star Is Lost
12. All That Glitters
13 Movie Set
14. Amusement Part
15. Art Heist
16. Volcano Island
17. The Invasion
18. The Infiltration
19. The Curse Of The Pharaoh
20. Mad Trap

Disc Two
1. Basic Training
2. Sleeping Gas
3. Gadget’s Replacement
4. Greenfinger
5. Gadget Goes West
6. Lunch Time
7. Coo-Coo Clock Caper
8. Bermuda Triangle
9. The Japanese Connection
10. A Clear Case
11. Eye Of The Dragon
12. Double Agent
13. Platform Of The Opera
14. Gone Went The Wind
15. King Wrong
16. Pirate Island
17. M.A.D. Academy

Disc Three
1. Luck Of The Irish
2. Prince Of The Gypsies
3. The Emerald Duck
4. Do Unto Udders
5. Did You Myth Me
6. Funny Money
7. Dry Spell
8. Smeldorado
9. Quimbly Exchange
10. Weather In Tibet
11. Snakin’ All Over
12. In Seine
13. Tree Guesses
14. Birds Of A Feather
15. Fang The Wonder Dog
16. School For Pickpockets

Disc Four
1. Quiz Master
2. Magic Gadget
3. The Great Wambini’s Séance
4. Wambini Predicts
5. The Capeman Cometh
6. Crashcource In Crime
7. Gadget’s Gadgets
8. Gadget In Minimadness
9. The Incredible Shrinking Gadget
10. Ghost Catchers
11. Busy Signal
12. Bad Dreams Are Made Of This
13. N.S.F. Gadget
14. Tryannosaurus Gadget
15. Gadget’s Roma
16. Gadget And Old Lace
17. * Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

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