1990s TV

This Iron Man series ran for two seasons as part of the "Marvel Action Hour" with the
Fantastic Four. The series featured a large number of hero guest stars such as: the Hulk,
Nick Fury and SHIELD, and the group Force Works (Hawkeye, War Machine, the 2nd
Spider-Woman, the Scarlet Witch, and Century).
The show us featured a large cast of villains including: the Mandarin, Whirlwind, Blizzard,
MODOK, Justin Hammer, the Crimson Dynamo, the Titanium Man, Backlash, the Grey
Gargoyle, the Leader, Beetle, AIM, and Madam Masque.

1) And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead
2) Rejoice! I am Ultimo, Thy Deliverer
3) Data In, Chaos Out
4) Silence My Companion, Death My Destination
5) The Grim Reaper Wears A Teflon Coat
6) Enemy Without, Enemy Within
7) The Origin of the Mandarin
8) The Defection of Hawkeye
9) Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 1
10) Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 2
11) Origin of Iron Man, Part 1
12) Origin of Iron Man, Part 2
13) The Wedding of Iron Man
1) The Beast Within
2) Fire and Rain
3) Cell of Iron
4) Not Far Form the Tree
5) Beauty Knows No Pain
6) Iron Man, On the Inside
7) Distant Boundaries
8) Armor Wars, Part 1
9) Armor Wars, Part 2
10) Empowered
11) Hulk Buster
12) Hands of the Mandarin, Part 1
13) Hands of the Mandarin, Part 2
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