Josie & The PussyCats

Josie and the Pussycats followed the adventures of an all-girl rock
and roll group as they travelled the world playing gigs and along the
way thwarted the weird diabolical plots of several megalomaniacs
looking to rule the world. Josie began her career as an Archie comics
character in the late… More 1960's, starring in her own self-titled
book. The stories followed the day-to-day adventures of Josie and
her girlfriend Melody. Later, the title was expanded to Josie and the
Pussycats , turning Josie and Melody into a rock band, along with
new friend Valerie. Singer/guitarist Josie was the level-headed
leader, drummer Melody added zaniness with her half-witted remarks
and effervescent charm, and tambourinist Valerie was the brains of
the group, typically saving the day with her intellect and mechanical
know-how. Along with the three Pussycats were roadie (and Josie's
boyfriend) Alan , band manager Alexander Cabot III , his conniving
sister Alexandra , and her mischievous little cat, Sebastian . Bitter
and talentless Alexandra had her eye on Alan, and constantly
schemed to remove Josie from the scene so she could lead the band
and have Alan all to herself. Alexander often got the band into hot
water with his poorly booked tour dates and general cowardice.

1 - The Nemo's a No No Affair
2 - A Greenthumb Is Not a Goldfinger
3 - The Secret Six Secret
4 - Swap Plot Flop
5 - The Midas Mix-up
6 - X Marks the Spot
7 - Chili Today and Hot Tomale
8 - Never Mind a Master Mind
9 - Plateau of the Apes Plot
10 - Strangemoon Over Miami
11 - All Wong in Hong Kong
12 - Melody Memory Mix-up
13 - The Great Pussycat Chase
14 - Spy School Spoof
15 - The Jumpin' Jupiter Affair
16 - Don't Count on a Countess

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