Legion of Super Heroes

Season One

Legion of Super Heroes follows the adventures of a group of teenage superheroes one
thousand years in the future who must travel back in time to recruit Superman, the greatest
superhero of all time, in their fight against evil.

Lightning Lad: Garth Ranzz of Winath, he has the power to project lightning bolts.

Saturn Girl: Imra Ardeen of the moon of Titan, who takes her name from the planet it orbits.
She can read minds, project her thoughts, and mentally control others.

Phantom Girl: Tinya Wazzo from the extra-dimensional world of Bgztl, she has the ability to
phase through solid matter but materialize to hit her opponents.

Brainiac 5: Querl Dox of the planet Colu, and descendant of the 21st century villain Brainiac.
"Brainy" possesses a 12th level intelligence that lets him build any number of gadgets,
including the Legion's flight rings and his personal force field.

Timber Wolf: Brin Londo of the planet Zuun by way of Rimbor. Brin has enhanced strength,
dexterity, and animal-like senses.

Bouncing Boy: Chuck Taine of Earth, Bouncing Boy can inflate himself and bounce at will,
using his body as a battering ram.

These and many other superpowered teenagers band together with Superman to teenage
superheroes battle such futuristic supervillains as the Fatal Five.

1. Man of Tomorrow  
2. Timber Wolf  
3. Legacy  
4. Phantoms  
5. Champions  
6. Fear Factory  
7. Brain Drain  
8. Lightning Storm  
9. The Substitutes  
10. Child's Play   
11. Chain of Command  
12. Sundown (1)  
13. Sundown (2)

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