Mighty Mightor is a cartoon about a pre-Historic Superhero. A
young teen-aged man traveling with his pet Dino named Tog
helps an old man being attacked by another man eating Dino.
As a reward for his help Tor is given a club with magic powers.
When he raises it over his head and yells Mightor he is
transformed into a man with superhuman strength who flies
and wields the power club which emits force beams, and his
Dino is transformed into a flying fire breathing dragon.
$14.99 + s/h
Volume One

Opening Theme
Monster Keeper
People Keepers
Bird People
Tusk People
Snow Trapper
Tiger Men
Return To Korg
Serpent Queen
Giant Hunters
Tree Pigmies
Fire People
Stone Men
Scorpion Men
Revenge of Serpent Queen
Vampire Island

Volume Two

Vulture Men
Ice Creatures
Tribe WitchMen
Cave Bearers
Big Day Little Rok
Rok and the Gang
Plant People
Return Vulture Men
Mightiest Warrior
Rok Rescue
Dinosaur Island
Mountain Monsters
Great Escape
Golden Rok
Sea Slavers
Storm King
Missing Village
Battle Mightors
End Theme
Interactive dvd menus
Awesome graphics and sound
Nice dvd collector box/case
Wonderful picture art directly printed on the dvd.
(No paper labels to peel off and mess up the dvd playing in the dvd player.)
First Class USPS shipping with delivery e-confirmation.
Full exchange warranty.
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