The Osmonds Cartoon Series
The Osmonds Cartoon Series

Following the success of the Jackson 5 cartoon series ( available
separately), Rankin-Bass delivers The Osmond Brothers (including
Jimmy).They play goodwill ambassadors who go out into the world to
spread their musical wonder. Donning different colored socks (How else
could you tell those pearly-toothed boys apart?), the Osmonds encounter
adventure after crazy adventure while singing their way around the world.
Female fans swooned over Donny no matter what country the brothers
appeared in but Donny usually had his hands full trying to escape the
clutches of his biggest fan, Hortence Bird. Meanwhile, little Jimmy could
never seem to keep himself out of trouble. Each weekly episode featured a
different song to keep the brothers' screaming fans happy.

1. And Away They Go!
2. China
3. Jimmy and James of London
4. Sir Donald of Bavaria
5. Paris
6. Monte Carlo
7. Denmark
8. India
9. Yukon
10. Black Forest
11. Italy
12. Australia
13 Transylvania
14. Rio
15. Don Osmondo
16. Luck of the Osmonds
17. Osmonds Come Home

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