Google Checkout and Paypal are the preferred methods of payment. You
can rest assured that your online payment information is safe and secure.
Google Checkout and Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards
including: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. also accepts money orders. Please contact us
at in order to receive a
Money Order payment voucher/order form.

If you wish to send the funds using a personal check will not ship the items ordered
until your personal check has time to clear the bank.
(7-10 business days)
In order to keep costs low for our customers ... does not have Shopping Cart available.
If you wish to order multiple DVD Collector Box Sets and would like to
pay with one invoice and receive a
special shipping discount, prior to
placing an order through "Buy Now", please send an email to with a list of what DVD Collector Box Sets
you want to order. Please specify what payment you
wish to use and will send you a
Google Checkout, Paypal or Money Order/Personal Check Invoice.

Special Quantity Discount
Here is how it works...
Buy the first DVD Collector Box Set at regular price including shipping
and handling and receive the second DVD Collector Box Set shipped for
1/2 off the shipping and handling price...
The third, fourth and so on are shipped FREE.

Make a detailed list of the dvd collector box sets you are wanting. Then ...
Let us know how you wish to send the funds and we will send you a
Google Checkout invoice, PayPal or money order invoice.

(In order to receive the shipping discount you must email us prior to ordering using the "By Now" button.
This discount is
only available if you receive a special invoice
(Paypal, Google Checkout or Money Order Voucher) from

You can use the
"Contact Us" page or send an email to
Payment Options