The new animated program from Seth Green and
Matthew Senreich. The stop-motion series entitled
Robot Chicken currently airing on the late-night
programming block "Adult Swim".

What is Robot Chicken?

"Robot Chicken" was a dish from the Chinese
restaurant where Seth & Matthew ordered take-out,
while they were writing the show.
1  Junk in the Trunk
2  Nutcracker Sweet  
3  Gold Dust Gasoline
4  Plastic Buffet  
5  Toyz in the Hood
6  Vegetable Fun Fest  
7  A Piece of the Action
8  The Deep End  
9  S&M Present
10  Badunkadunk
11  Toy Meets Girl
12  Midnight Snack
13  Atta Toy
14  Joint Point   
15  Kiddie Pool  
16  Nightmare Generator    
17  Operation Rich In Spirit
18  The Sack  
19  That Hurts Me   
20  The Black Cherry
Special  Robot Chicken Christmas Special
22  Suck It   
23  Federated Resources  
24  Easter Basket
25  Celebrity Rocket
26  Dragon Nuts
27  1987
28  Cracked China
29  Rodigitti
30  Massage Chair
31  Password: Swordfish
32  Adoptions an Option  
33  The Munnery
34  Metal Militia  
35  Veggies for Sloth
36  Sausage Fest
37  Drippy Pony
38  Day at the Circus
39  Lust for Puppets
40  Anne Marie's Pride
41  Book of Corrine  
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