1966-1967 Episodes

1            Yellow Pinkie
2            Wolf In Cheap Cheap Clothing
3            Scotland Yard Caper
4            Sub Swiper
5            Royal Run Around
6            Masked Granny
7            Robin Hood And His Merry Muggs
8            Five Is A Crowd
9            It Stopped Training
10          Wacky Secret Weapon
11          Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo
12          Catty Cornered
13          Leave Wheel Enough Alone
14          Jester Minute
15         Not So Idle Idol
16         Gold Rushed
17          Double Ex-Double Cross
18          Capt. Kidd’s Not Kidding
19         Tusk-Tusk
20          Bold Rush
21          Robot Rout
22          Hi Spy
23          The Pink Sky Mobile
24          Scuba-Duba Duba
25        Spy In The Sky
26          Ship Of Spies

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