"Shazam!" featured a boy named Billy Batson, and whenever he spoke the
name "Shazam!", he would transform into a superhero named "Captain Marvel."
"He had a twin sister, Mary Batson who could become Mary Marvel by saying
"Shazam" and a friend named Freddy Freeman who became Captain Marvel
Junior by saying "Captain Marvel". All the powers of six great gods and heroes
have been gathered together and placed in the hands of boy broadcaster, Billy
Batson. Whenever he says the name of the ancient wizard, "Shazam", he
becomes the World's mightiest mortal Captain Marvel! When evil has been
defeated, Captain Marvel says the word again to become Billy. So amazing and
sudden is the change that most people never realize what has happened.

This series tells the stories of the students of Hero High, a high school
specializing in the education of young superheroes. They have all the typical
teenage activities, rivalries and events, but modified for their powers and skills.
The companion series is of the adventures of the Marvel Family. Billy and Mary
Batson and their friend, Freddie Freeman, are ordinary kids who have a
wonderful secret and a great responsibility. When trouble looms, the Batson
siblings need but speak the name of the ancient wizard who appointed them,
"Shazam", while Freddie must say the name of his favorite superhero, "Captain
Marvel" to call the magic lightning to become respectively Captain Marvel, Mary
Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. Together, they fight the threats to the world,
whether they be villains like the mad scientist Dr. Sivana, the malevolent worm
Mr. Mind, or the renegade Marvel, Black Adam.


Who's Who At The Zoo?
The Incredible Sinking City
Best Seller
Flight 601 Has Vanished
Black Adams Return
Menacing Family Affair
Uncle Dudley's Wedding Day
A Little Something Extra
The Airport Caper!
The Girl Of His Dreams
Mr. Atom The Smasher
The Circus Plot
Star Master And The Solar Mirror

RARE!!! You will not find any of these episodes anywhere but here!
Because these episodes are very rare ... the graphic quality of 4 of the episodes are rated at 4-5 out
of 10 and 3 are rated at 7+ to 8 out of 10. The graphic quality of six of the episodes are very good.

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