A Teenager named Billy Batson and his adult companion,
Mentor , travel around in an RV helping people in need. Billy
has been given the power to turn into Captain Marvel by the
elders, Solomon, Herculese, Atlas, Zeus, Achillese and
Mercury. Every episode, the elders would contact Billy and
give him a cryptic warning about something he will
encounter. Billy would ultimately realize the meaning of the
elder's advice and transform into Captain Marvel to help
someone in need.
1  The Joyriders  
2  The Brothers  
3  Thou Shalt Not Kill  
4  The Lure of the Lost (1)   
5  The Road Back (2)
6  The Athlete  
7  The Treasure  
8  The Boy Who Said "No"  
9  The Doom Buggy  1
10  The Brain  
11  Little Boy Lost  
12  The Delinquent  
13  The Braggart  
14  The Past Is Not Forever (1)
15  The Gang's All Here (2)  
16  On Winning  
17  Debbie  
18  Fool's Gold  
19  Double Trouble  
20  Goodbye, Packy  
21  Speak No Evil  
22  The Odd Couple  
23  The Contest  
24  Bitter Herbs  
25  Ripcord  
26  Finders Keepers  
27  The Sound of a Different Drummer
28  Out of Focus  
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