Episode List

1: The Ovens Of Moltar  
2: The Gargoyloids   
3: Nightmare Planet   
4: Space Armada  
5: The Drone   
6: The Sandman   
7: The Robot Master
8: The Energy Monster   
9: The Creature King   
10: The Lizard Slavers   
11: The Cyclopeds   
12: Space Sargasso    
13: The Sorcerer  
14: The Looters   
15: Ruler of the Rock Robots   
16: The Challenge   
17: Hi-Jackers  
18: The Lure   
19: The Schemer
20: The Evil Collector  
21: Lokar, King of the Killer Locusts  
22: Brago   
23: The Heat Thing   
24: Zorak    
25: The Web   
26: The Space Piranhas   
27: The Space Ark    
28: The Space Birds    
29: Attack of the Saucer Crab    
30: Revenge of the Spider-Woman    
31: Jungle Planet    
32: The Time Machine  
33: Glasstor    
34: Transor: The Matter Mover
35: Homing Device  
36: The Iceman   
37: The Council of Doom, Part One: The Meeting    
38: The Council of Doom, Part Two: Clutches of Creature King   
39: The Council of Doom, Part Three: The Deadly Trap   
40: The Council of Doom, Part Four: The Molten Monsters of Moltar   
41: The Council of Doom, Part Five: Two Faces of Doom    
42: The Council of Doom, Part Six: The Final Encounter

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