Speed Racer

Speed Racer is a show featuring a young racer named Speed and his
ultimate driving machine, the Mach 5. Originally aired in Japan as Mahha Go
Go Go (translation: Mach Five Go Go - "go" also means five), Speed Racer
combines racing with international intrigue. Joining Speed is an
unforgettable cast of characters, including Mom and Pops Racer, girlfriend
Trixie, little brother Spritle and his pet monkey Chim Chim, mechanic Sparky,
and the mysterious Racer X.

All 52 Episodes

The Great Plan (Part 1)
The Great Plan (Part 2)
Challenge of the Masked Racer (Part 1)
Challenge of the Masked Racer (Part 2)
The Secret Engine (Part 1)
The Secret Engine (Part 2)
The Race against the Mammoth Car (Part 1)
The Race against the Mammoth Car (Part 2)
The Most Dangerous Race (Part 1)
The Most Dangerous Race (Part 2)
The Most Dangerous Race (Part 3)
Race for Revenge (Part 1)
Race for Revenge (Part 2)
The Desperate Desert Race (Part 1)
The Desperate Desert Race (Part 2)
The Fire Race (Part 1)
The Fire Race (Part 2)
Girl Daredevil (Part 1)
Girl Daredevil (Part 2)
The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 1)
The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 2)
Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 (Part 1)
Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 (Part 2)
The Royal Racer (Part 1)
The Royal Racer (Part 2)
The Car Hater
The Terrifying Gambler
The Race against Time (Part 1)
The Race against Time (Part 2)
The Snake Track
The Man on the Lam
Gang of Assassins (Part 1)
Gang of Assassins (Part 2)
The Race for Life
The Supersonic Car
Crash in the Jungle (Part 1)
Crash in the Jungle (Part 2)
The Secret Invaders (Part 1)
The Secret Invaders (Part 2)
Man Behind the Mask
The Car Destroyer
The Desperate Racer
The Dangerous Witness
Race the Laser Tank
Great Car Wrestling Match
Motorcycle Apaches
Car with a Brain
Junk Car Grand Prix
The Car in the Sky
The Trick Race
Race Around the World (Part 1)
Race Around the World (Part 2)

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