This animated series was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, with the
character of Spider-Woman being specifically created in order for Marvel
Comics to have a female counterpart to Spider-Man before
any other comics company thought of the idea.

Spider-Woman's real name and powers were kept intact from the comic book.
Everything else about the shows' setup was created specifically for the
television series. Her origin for the TV show was that as a child she was bitten
by a poisonous spider. Her father, Dr. Alexander Drew saved her life by using
an untested spider serum that inadvertently gave her spider powers.
And now, with Jessica as the head of Justice Magazine, she battles evil as
Spider-Woman, with the help of photographer Jeff Hunt,
and her nephew Billy Drew.


Pyramids of Terror
Realm of Darkness
The Amazon Adventure
The Ghost Vikings
The Kingpin Strikes Again
The Lost Continent October
The Kongo Spider
Games of Doom
Shuttle to Disaster
Dracula's Revenge
The Spider-Woman and the Fly
Invasion of the Black Hole
The Great Magini
A Crime In Time
Return of the Spider-Queen
The Deadly Dream

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