1967- 1970
Animated Series!!

The primary signature character for Marvel Comics, "Spider-Man," is the alter-ego of Peter
Parker, science student at a New York City university. While witnessing a radiology
experiment on one fateful day, Peter is bitten on his hand by a spider exposed to the
radioactive field generated by the experiment and later finds that he has acquired the
spider's wall-scaling, leaping, and extra-sensory abilities, in addition to increased endurance
and strength. Peter knits for himself a red-and-blue costume and mask and produces a
web-spinning fluid enabling him to swing from building to building above the streets of
Manhattan. Peter's Uncle Ben is murdered by a burglar, a criminal who earlier ran past Peter
at a television studio to which Peter had come to exhibit his spider-abilities. Peter selfishly
declined to help the police to stop the fleeing malefactor and is to a significant extent
responsible for the death of his uncle. Peter, in his Spiderman guise, finds, punches, and
webs the murderer. Now aware that he has received his powers for a higher purpose than
exhibition for monetary gain, Peter accepts his duty as a costumed fighter of crime, a
responsibility that he vows never again to fail. To financially support his Aunt May, Ben's
widow, Peter becomes a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle newspaper as an aside
to his continued studies and his responsibility as Spiderman to the good people of New York
City. Peter does not allow anyone, not even his aunt, to know that he is Spiderman. The Daily
Bugle publisher, a cigar-smoking, self-righteous, blustery chauvinist named J. Jonah
Jameson, has a jaundiced view of Spiderman's heroism and wields considerable influence
with the city government and police force. So, Spidey must constantly be wary of the police
whom he is helping, usually retaining the villains that he catches in a web for police to
apprehend after he has left the capture scene, and attaching a note with an appropriate pun
in regard to the crook and which says that the capture was courtesy of "Your Friendly
Neighborhood Spiderman". Peter often uses his intimate involvement with his alter-ego's
pursuit of villains to obtain exclusive photographs of the criminals, their evil deeds, and their
capture, and provides the photographs to an incredulous Jameson, who, though he prints
the pictures, usually manages to negatively spin-doctor Spiderman's involvement and
magnify his own importance, much to Spidey's good-natured annoyance and the objection of
Spidey's admirer and Peter's friend, Betty Brant, Jameson's feisty secretary. Meanwhile, in
Peter's continued university life, he encounters eccentric professors whose unauthorized,
dangerous experiments result in calamity that only Spiderman can remedy, and he
experiences frustration with girl-friends who accuse him of cowardice every time that he
must leave them in the midst of a dire situation so that he can
privately change into Spiderman.

Season Two

21  The Origin of Spiderman  9/14/1968  201  
22  King Pinned  9/21/1968  202  
23  Swing City  9/28/1968  203  
24  Criminals in the Clouds  10/5/1968  204  
25  Menace From the Bottom of the World  10/12/1968  205  
26  Diamond Dust  10/19/1968  206    
27  Spiderman Battles the Molemen  10/26/1968  207  
28  Phantom From the Depths of Time  11/2/1968  208  
29  The Evil Sorcerer  11/9/1968  209  
30  Vine  11/16/1968  210  
31  Pardo Presents  11/23/1968  211  
32  Cloud City of Gold  11/30/1968  212  
33  Neptune's Nose Cone  12/7/1968  213  
34  Home  12/14/1968  214  
35  Blotto  12/21/1968  215  
36  Thunder Rumble  12/28/1968  216  
37  Spiderman Meets Skyboy  1/4/1969  217
38  Cold Storage  1/11/1969  218  
39  To Cage a Spider  1/18/1969  219  

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