Spider-Man Unlimited was released September 1999 (a few years after the
Spiderman 90's Series ended) and ran until March 2001. It only had 1 season and
13 episodes.

PLOT: Spidey hijacks a space shuttle to go help John Jameson who left earlier in a
space shuttle that was taken over by Venom and Carnage. Spidey ends up stuck
on the "Counter-Earth". An Earth like planet in the same orbit on other side of the
sun. There he finds a high tech society where humanoid animals, the "Beastials",
rule under the leadership of the High Evolutionary, while humans are seen as
second class citizens. So basically Spidey spends his time having to fight the
Bestials, Venom & Carnage, plus various other famous Spider-Man foes.

All 13 Episodes

01. Worlds Apart 1
02. Worlds Apart 2
03. Where Evil Nests
04. Deadly Choices
05. Steel Cold Heart
06. Enter The Hunter!
07. Cry Vulture
08. Ill-Met By Moonlight
09. Sustenance
10. Matters Of The Heart
11. 1 Is The Loneliest Number
12. Sins Of The Fathers
13. Destiny Unleashed

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