The New Animated

Spun from the Spider-Man feature film based on the Marvel Comic Books, Spider-Man: The New Animated
Series was developed into never-before-seen 3D animated series rendered to look 2D, bringing a fresh few
feeling to Marvel's flagship character.

The series follows teenage Peter Parker who, after being bitten by a genetically altered spider, develops spider
like powers and struggles to cope with the responsibilities that come with them as Spider-Man.

Peter studies alongside the girl who he's loved as long as he can remember, Mary Jane Watson, but he still
fears a relationship with her would only jeopardize her safety again. He lives with his best friend, millionaire
Harry Osborn, son of the deceased Green Goblin.

The show was co-executive produced by Brian Michael Bendis (Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comic book),
Audu Paden(Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles) and executive produced by Morgan Gendel, Marvel
Executives AviArad, Rick Ungar and Spider-Man co creator Stan Lee.

Season 1

1: The Party
2: Keeping Secrets
3: Spider-Man Dis-Abled
4: Tight Squeeze
5: Royal Scam
6: Heroes and Villains
7: Head Over Heels8: Law of the Jungle
9: When Sparks Fly
10: Flash Memory
11: Sword of Shikata
12: Mind Games: Part 1
13: Mind Games: Part 2

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