This vintage 1966 cartoon features Marvel Comics' king of the deep, the
Sub-Mariner. In the first story, Atlantis Under Attack, the sacred trident of Neptune
is stolen and all signs point to Namor's trusted grand vizier, Lord Vashti. In
disbelief, Namor follows Vashti's trail to the carnivorous sea forest while the real
thief, his archenemy Attuma, lies ready to attack the city. The second story, To
Conquer a Crown, opens with a military demonstration by Atlantis's munitions
expert, Namor's cousin Biera. When the citizens protest the apparent
warmongering, Namor calls on Biera to explain that the arms are for defense only.
To the prince's surprise, the treacherous Biera turns on him and challenges him to
a duel of strength for the throne. Namor accepts, not knowing that Biera holds the
ultimate weapon. Each story is divided into three six-minute serial-type segments.
The animation is minimal, restricted mostly to camera zooms and moving limbs and
mouths, punctuated by Batman-style sound effects ("Wham!"). Other heroes in this
series include Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America , the Hulk, and Thor.

1. Peril In The Surface World
2. So Spreads The Net
3.The Unveiling
4.The Start Of The Quest
5. Escape To... Nowhere
6. A Prince There Was
7. Not All My Power Can Save Me
8. When Fails The Quest
9. The End Of The Quest
10. Atlantis Under Attack
11. The Sands Of Terror
12. The Iron Idol Of Infamy
13. The Thing From Space
14. No Escape For Namor
15. A Prince Dies Fighting
16. To Conquer A Crown
17. A Prince No More
18. He Who Wears The Crown
19. To Walk Amongst Men
20. When Rises The Behemoth
21. To The Death
22. Atlantis Is Doomed
23. The World Within
24. Quest For X-Atom
25. Beware The Siren's Song
26. Spell Of Loralie
27. Return Of The Mud Beast
28. Ship Of Doom
29. Fall Of Atlantis
30. Forces Of Vengeance
31. Planet Of Doom
32. To Test A Prince
33. To Save A Planet
34. Doctor Doom's Day
35. The Doomed Allegiance
36. Tug Of Death
37. Let The Stranger Die...!
38. To Destroy A Tyrant
39. Save A City

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