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Super 7
Tarzan was joined by several superheroes in this 90 minute cartoon block. The show had
segments like Manta & Moray, an aquatic duo who protected the sea, Web Woman,
scientist Kelly Webster fought evil as the super heroine Web Woman accompanied by her
spider sidekick Spinner, Super Stretch & Micro Woman, a black husband and wife
superhero pair, and The Freedom Force, five heroes (Isis, Hercules, Merlin, Sinbad and
Super Samurai) located in the Valley of Time. Also featured was a live action serial, Jason
of Star Command (which would spin off into its own show the next season), and reruns of
The New Adventures of Batman. In 1980 both Batman and the Super 7
segments moved to NBC as Batman and the Super 7.

1  The Waters of Doom (Manta & Moray)  
2  The Whale Killers (Manta & Moray)  
3  The Warmakers (Manta & Moray)  
4  The Souvenir Hunters (Manta & Moray)  
5  The Freedom Fighters (Manta & Moray)  
6  The Sunken World (Manta & Moray)  
7  Sea of Madness (Manta & Moray)  
8  The Rain Maker (Web Woman)  
9  The Eye of the Fly (Web Woman)  
10  The World Within (Web Woman)  
11  Madam Macabre's Calamity Circus (Web Woman)  
12  Red Sails in the Sunset (Web Woman)  
13  Send in the Clones (Web Woman)  
14  The Sun Thief (Web Woman)  
15  Dr. Despair and the Mood Machine (Web Woman)  
16  The Perfect Crime (Web Woman)  
17  The Lady in the Lamp (Web Woman)  
18  Bad Things Come in Small Packages (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
19  The Ringmaster (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
20  The Toymaker (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
21  Future Tense (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
22  Phantom of the Sewers (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
23  Shadow of the Swamp (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
24  The Great Candy Bar Caper (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
25  The Superstretch Bowl (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
26  Superstarch & Magnawoman (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
27  Sugar Spice (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
28  Gnome Man's Land (Superstretch & Microwoman)  
29  The Dragon Riders (The Freedom Force)  
30  The Scarlet Samurai (The Freedom Force)  
31  The Plant Soldiers (The Freedom Force)  
32  Pegasus' Odyssey (The Freedom Force)  
33  The Robot (The Freedom Force)  

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