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After the success of Superfriends: The Legendary Super
Powers Show, the Superfriends returned for there final
season on Saturday mornings. The Super Powers Team:
Galactic Guardians. As with last season an all new comic
book character was introduced to the team. The bionic
half human half machine… Cyborg.
The Seeds of Doom
The Ghostship
The Bizarro Super Powers Team
The Darkseid Deception
The Fear
The Wild Cards
The Case of the Stolen Super
The Death of Superman
Escape From Space City .
Interactive dvd menus
Awesome graphics and sound
Nice dvd collector box/case
Wonderful picture art directly printed on the dvd.
(No paper labels to peel off and mess up the dvd playing in the dvd player.)
First Class USPS shipping with delivery e-confirmation.
Full exchange warranty.
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