All New
Super Friends

After a lackluster start, the Superfriends were revived in a new one
hour show called The All-New Superfriends Hour which featured four
separate stories: one featuring a team-up between two of the
Superfriends, one featuring the WonderTwins (alien teenagers who
replaced Wendy and Marvin), a full-length story featuring all the
Superfriends, and one story featuring one Superfriend and a guest
hero. This was a Hanna-Barbera Production and the series
premiered on September 10, 1977 on ABC.


The Brain Machine
Joy Ride
Invasion Of The Earthors
The Whirlpool
Voyage Of The Mysterious Time Creatures
The Secret Four
Tiger On The Loose
The Antidote
City In A Bottle
Invasion Of The Hydronoids
Day Of The Plant Creatures

Space Emergency
Doctor Fright
Drag Racing
Super Friends vs. Super Friends
The Monster Of Dr. Droid
Energy Mass
Planet Of The Neanderthals
The Enforcer
Shark Attack
Flood Of Diamonds
The Lionmen
Forbidden Power
Pressure Point
Day Of The Rats
The Invisible Menace

The Coming Of The Arthropods
River Of Doom
The Water Beast
Attack Of The Giant Squid
Game Of Chicken
The Mind Maidens
The Collector
Alaska Peril
Exploration Earth
The Fifty-Foot Woman
Attack Of The Killer Bees

The Tiny World Of Terror
The Man-Beasts Of Xra
Tibetan Raiders
The Mummy Of Nazca
Frozen Peril
Dangerous Prank
Cable Car Rescue
The Ghost
The Protector
Will The World Collide?
The Marsh Monster
Time Rescue

Mxyzptlk's Flick
Alien Mummy
Return Of The Phantoms.

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