Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles

Season Six

Volume 1
118 Future Shellshock
119 Obsolete
120 Home Invasion
121 Headlock Prime
122 Playtime's Over
123 Bishop to Knight
124 Night of Sh'Okanabo
125 Clash of the Turtle Titans
126 Fly Me to the Moon
127 Invasion of the Body Snatcher!
128 The Freaks Come Out at Night
129 Bad Blood
130 The Journal

Volume 2
131 The Gaminator
132 Graduation Day: Class of 2105
133 Timing Is Everything
134 Enter the Jammerhead
135 Milk Run
136 The Fall of Darius
137 Turtle X-Tinction
138 Race For Glory
139 Head of State
140 DNA is Thicker than Water
141 The Cosmic Completist
142 The Day of Awakening
143 Zixxth Sense

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