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Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles
Seasons 3
Four turtles fall into the sewers and are befriended by Hamato Yoshi, a
Japanese man who fled from New York and had nowhere to live but in
the sewers. He was framed by his enemy, Oroku Saki, in a plot to kill
the sensei. One day he sees a strange green glow which transforms
the four turtles into human-like creatures. Hamato (now Master Splinter)
changes into a giant rat from the green glow and teaches the turtles the
skills of the ninja as they team up with Channel 6 news reporter April
O'Neil to battle against Yoshi's archenemy Shredder and Krang, an
alien warlord from Dimension X. There would be other enemies as well.
Season 3 gave new opportunities outside the Shredder storyline, such
as Don Turtelli, the Rat King, and Leatherhead. Especially in later CBS
episodes, where there were many episodes without the Turtles battling
Shredder, enemies such as Pinky McFingers and other minor recurring
villains would fight the Turtles as well.

Season Three
Beneath These Streets     *   April's Fool   *   Sky Turtles  
Cowabunga Shredhead   *    Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers
The Old Switcheroo    *   Turtles on Trial    *   Attack of the 50 Foot Irma
The Maltese Hamster    *    The Fifth Turtle    *    Camera Bugged
The Ninja Sword of Nowhere    *    The Ninja Sword of Nowhere  
Green with Jealousy   *    Take Me to Your Leader  *   Enter the Rat King
Turtles At the Earth's Core   *   Burne's Blues  
20,000 Leaks Under the City  *   Beware the Lotus  
Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp  
Super Bebop and Mighty Rocksteady   *    Blast from the Past
Attack of Big MACC    *   The Turtle Terminator   *    The Grybyx
Mutagen Monster   *   Casey Jones: Outlaw Hero  
Michaelangelo's Birthday   *   Turtles, Turtles Everywhere  
Return of the Fly   *    The Making of Metalhead
Four Musketurtles   *   Usagi Yojimbo    *    Shredderville
Corporate Raiders from Dimension X    *    Usagi Come Home
Leatherhead Meets the Rat King    *   Case of the Hot Kimono
Pizza By the Shred   *    Bye, Bye, Fly    *    The Gang's All Here
The Missing Map     *    The Great Boldini   *    Mister Ogg Goes to Town
The Big Rip-Off    *    The Big Break-In    *    The Big Blow Out

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