The Batman

Season Five

Only in his third year, pre-"Bat Signal," The Batman currently operates as a vigilante. Under
the cape and cowl can be found a younger Bruce Wayne in his 20s. The media is more likely
to catch him courtside at a Gotham Gators game or strapping on a helmet to drive his own
racecar for a charity than in front of City Hall cutting a ribbon. But don't confuse the swinging
bachelor persona for the real Bruce - he's intense, driven and completely focused on his
life's mission to serve as the Dark Knight. Aided by technology he's secretly developed -
including the operating system known as the Bat-Wave - and driven by the childhood memory
of the loss of his parents, Batman takes to the streets in order to bring Gotham's new breed
of super villains to justice.

Alfred is younger, in his early 50s, and more physically robust, yet not quite the unflappable
Alfred of usual Batman lore. The cape and cowl are new enough that Alfred is still growing
accustomed to them. Thus, we witness his genuine concern for Bruce's safety when Bruce
goes up against the likes of Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze and the will of the Rogues Gallery.

Detective Ellen Yin is as physically adept as any male cop she knows. Ellen may be new to
the Gotham beat, but she's no rookie. Previously head of her department in Metropolis, she
transferred to Gotham looking for new challenges. She's a career cop at the top of her game,
true blue and by the book. Not warming to Bruce Wayne so easily, Ellen doesn't have it out
personally for The Batman. It's simply cut-and-dried. As a vigilante, he's breaking the law. Not
seeing past his swinging billionaire persona,
she despises his seemingly silver-spoon arrogance.

If Bruce Wayne could call anyone his best friend, Ethan Bennett is it. They've been friends
since high school. Whereas his partner, Detective Ellen Yin, sees things in black and white,
Ethan sees the grey in most everything - and is more willing to allow The Batman to co-exist
with the Gotham P.D. In fact, he often finds himself pondering if this caped vigilante he is
chasing is actually helping the city.

Season Five

53  The Batman/Superman Story (1)  
54  The Batman/Superman Story (2)  
55  Vertigo
56  White Heat
57  A Mirror Darkly  
58  Joker Express  1
59  Ring Toss
60  The Metal Face of Comedy  
61  Attack of the Terrible Trio    
62  The End of the Batman  
63  What Goes Up ...    
64  Lost Heroes (1)  
65  Lost Heroes (2)  

Extra Episodes:
Joining Forces - The Batman's Legendary Team-Ups
The Batman's Justice League Profiles

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