The Mighty Thor

In this 1966 cartoon The Mighty Thor arrives in a flash of lightning!!! Thor is one of
the best characters to come out of the Marvel universe. He is big, strong, powerful,
but most importantly he is human. Throughout the series, Thor traveled to Earth from
Asgard to battle all kinds of foes. Thunder-God Mighty Thor's evil brother, Loki,
concocts nature-twisting schemes in his vain effort to vanquish Thor, Thor's human
half, Dr. Donald Blake, and Thor/Blake's true love, Nurse Jane Foster.

1. Trapped By Loki  
2. Vengeance Of Loki  
3. Defeat Of Loki
4. Chained Evil
5. Sandu Master Of The Supernatural  
6. Enchanted Hammer
7. Enchantress And The Executioner   
8. Giants Walk The Earth
9. Battle Of The Gods
10. At The Mercy Of Loki
11. Trial Of The Gods  
12. Return To Earth
13. The Absorbing Man  
14. In My Hands This Hammer
15. Vengeance Of The Thunder God
16. To Kill A Thunder God  
17. The Day Of The Destroyer
18. Terror Of The Tomb
19. The Grey Gargoyle
20. The Wrath Of Odin  
21. Triumph In Ston
22. Mysterious Mister Hyde  
23. Revenge Of Mr. Hyde
24. Thor's Showdown With Mr. Hyde
25. Every Hand Against Him  
26. The Power Of The Thunder God
27. The Power Of Odin
28. The Tomorrow Man  
29. Return Of Zarko  
30. Slave Of Tomorrow Man
31. Enter Hercules  
32. When Meet The Immortals
33. Whom The Gods Would Destroy
34. Victory Of Pluto  
35. The Verdict Of Zeus  
36. Thunder In The Netherworld
37. Molto The Lava Man  
38. Invasion Of The Lava Men  
39. Living Rock

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